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Frequently asked information

  • How to measure my ring size?
    Easiest way is to download Ring Size Finder app. Open app on your phone, put your ring on screen and find out your size.
  • Can I buy with installment?
    Yes, you can buy with Esto3, Esto installment and Liisi Installment. You may find all the information on product page.
  • How to take care and protect your Jewellery?
    Remove jewellery before doing housework, sports, going to the sauna and pool, showering or gardening. The stones can break, come off and get lost. Do not wear jewellery while applying cometics. Chemicals in make-up and lotions can harm your precious jewellery. Clean your jewellery 1-2 times per month. Use only certified products used for silver, gold and diamond jewellery.
  • When to take my jewellery to goldsmith?
    Jewellery might get scratches over time because precious metals are soft. Goldsmith can restore the beauty of your jewellery.
  • How to storage my Jewellery?
    Best way to storage your jewellery is in original box or specially made jewellery box where items are on a flat surface and do not graze against each other. Keep the jewellery boxes closed so they don't get dusty.
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